I was working on her blog and I must confess it wasn’t really a nice experience for a beginner. I have some very interesting celebrity articles for you guys. Writers must have good command of English and be able to carry along the readers. We use all the guidelines provided before to determine whether it’s acceptable or not. Payment is made directly to your Nigerian Bank account on the 30th of every month. Every time you spend in the group, you can use it to promote your services to other members.

Thingstoknow publishes articles on the following categories for now but we hope to add more categories in the future. Also, remember to always sell your skill on your social channels. With determination and consistency, you will se great results on these platforms. LinkedIn was created on the idea that it would connect professionals with opportunities.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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You’ll be paid N500 per article, paid monthly when you’ve reached a total of at least N10,000 . On this page, you’ll learn about what kind of articles we accept and how you can be part of us. As a blog, we have the categories we’re focusing on and we ONLY accept articles related to those categories. We’ll be using this page to inform you about how we hire writers on this blog. Make sure to create a profile so that others can see your freelance writing. Guru.com is a freelancing marketplace that connects freelancers with clients.

Because advertisers are charged $50 for a post to run for 30 days, you can be sure the jobs posted are excellent quality with top writing qualities. With over 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 countries, you can easily find freelance writing jobs that you’ve been wishing for. Are you looking for freelance writing jobs in Nigeria? More than ever, the demand for freelance writing has been on the rise.

Freelancer is one of the oldest global freelance platform that connects freelancers and clients. Engagement and interaction with other writers will determine your payment. Their acceptable article length is 1500+ words and their payment ranges from $3 – $5. This state-of-the-art platform gives businesses exclusive access to the best writers on the web. Also, advertisers are charged $50 for a post to run for 30 days, you can be sure the jobs posted are excellent quality with top writing qualities.

We will unveil the top ten websites that will pay you to write for them. Article writing is a good career if you enjoy the written word. Although you may not see job ads with the title “article writer”, you can easily break into this area by applying for “content writer” jobs. Typically, these jobs involve writing blog posts and articles several hundred or several thousand words in length.

If you are looking for how to make money as a Nigerian writer, then these 12 websites are worth giving a trial. Once they withdraw your access to their platforms, you can neither edit nor delete the articles. Domain King is a leading Domain registrar and web hosting company in Nigeria. If you can write an article that will be of interest and educative for bloggers, web designers and developers? The payment for the article is privately discussed between both parties after your pitch has been accepted.

There are websites that pay you to write articles in Nigeria and I’ll be sharing six of them with you right away. I was looking for websites within Nigeria – not some foreign rippers. They only use the high pay as a bait, knowing the chances of you succeeding is less than slim.

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