Adjust article titles wherever necessary, to help optimize reader engagement for your published article. “One person’s self-care isn’t necessarily another’s—there is going to be a lot of individuality.”— Gail Saltz, M.D. Here are 100 quotes about self-care to inspire, motivate, enlighten, and remind you of the lasting importance of being kind to ourselves in a challenging world. If ALL information sources are not properly displayed via external links, the post will be rejected. Posts MUST NOT be posted or syndicated on other blogging platforms or other websites. We use plagiarism technology to vet every post submission.

I love practicing meditation as my first and last acts of the day and taking power yoga breaks to break up long days of sitting. Journaling is important since it allows you to not only increase productivity but can improve your self-care and self-love habits over time. Journaling can be as simple as keeping a small notepad with you and journaling your feelings and experiences during the day. Finding time to take care of yourself as a writer can be tricky. You’ll need to balance your needs with the needs of your clients or audience.

The pursuit of happiness is embedded right there in the document that launched the American experiment. For centuries, religion has offered a strong tonic for those in need of backbone, upper-lip stiffening, moral guidance, or practical advice. The cultivation of good human relationships and moderation in both food and drink — two central preoccupations of the self-help industry — are touchstones of the Christian faith. Whatever you believe about self-help, there’s money to be made here.

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Reading is what brought you to writing in the first place, and yet I’m always astonished to hear how many writers are not reading on a regular basis. No doubt, reading has always been a writer’s favorite escape, but in addition to that, turns of phrases and elicited emotions are the triggers that inspire us to grow in our own writing. Continuing to grow as a writer is the ultimate way to ensure you keep coming back to the page. Please be advised that any sponsored posts are flagged as such in a footnote. This appears to the reader as “This post includes a sponsored link” or “This post includes sponsored links”.

With the 10 self-care for writers strategies, you’ll keep your physical, emotional and mental health in peak condition while keeping your motivation to write. Meditation for writers is a helpful strategy when you’re in a creative rut, while reading a book is an easy way to get ideas for your writing projects. If you’re eating processed junk food all the time, you’ll feel tired and uncreative. You’ll also be missing key nutrients that you don’t get from processed foods.

Always consult with your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine. If you choose to go back and read the words later, you may discover something interesting or important about who you are in this day. But chin up (heart open!), you don’t have to read the words ever again for the benefits to take hold.

They don’t have to “make sense,” and there’s no way to do them wrong. So long as you are continually writing stream of consciousness (and by hand!) until you reach three pages, you’re getting in your self-care. For some people, the feel of the paper induces greater creative ease. For others, the inability to easily (and perhaps obsessively!) revise like when you type frees up the inner critic to let loose the words.

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In both books, she records her attempts to take domestic bliss to the next level and offers tips on how the rest of us can, too. I could see plenty of applications in my relationships with adults. Once your blog post is selected and published, we will work our social and distribution machine to make sure it gets the reach it deserves.

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