Is a bi-monthly magazine that primarily publishes articles relating to the care of reptiles. Commonly covered topics include handling, breeding, health, conservation, and searching for wild reptiles and amphibians in the U.S and abroad. Magazine offers tips, feature stories, and how-to articles relating to dog behavior, nutrition, natural therapies, health care, and more. They look for informative articles written in an engaging tone. However, we do publish really good, comprehensive articles written by experts. Yes, we pay our writers — but we are extremely picky when it comes to what we accept for publication.


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Is geared toward horse-loving children and teens ages 8-14. They seek articles about horse care, riding instruction, contests, and more. Articles should be written in a way that connects with this mag’s enthusiastic young readers.

Love her as we did, we decided we could not keep him. I was getting ready to go to college out of state, and the rest of my family did not have time to train a puppy. She was not the prettiest dog, but she had a heart of gold and a great personality. Her favorite game was fetching balls or sticks. At three, she got out of the fence and became pregnant.

PetPlace’s content should be accessible to all readers from the first-time pet owner to the seasoned expert. To be the #1 resource for dog owners who want to take control of their dogs’ health with safe and natural options. You agree to promote the published post via social media and other promotional channels. Want to share your thoughts in a review on a new pet product you’ve bought and love ? We love stories, news and new product reviews.

We do, however, welcome content that talks about rescuing dogs from these activities. Ideal articles would be around 800 words and focus on tips and advice related to owning a pet. We prefer long and informative content, which is 2,000-2,500 words. I do this with my own work and with that of the guest authors.

So, if you’re looking for these things, you came to the wrong blog. PetPlace is committed to covering a range of topics and perspectives. In general, however, the editorial staff avoids publishing opinion-based pieces related to controversial subjects. If you’re interested in exploring a topic that may “ruffle some feathers,” take care to remain as objective as possible in your writing. We do not accept articles in exchange for links.

Upon publication, your article automatically becomes the sole property of Petful. Make sure your article is well-formatted in short paragraphs with proper H2 and H3 tags. Your story should always provide a message or advice to your reader. We require you to send us at least 2 photos with a minimum of 1024px wide. The article should have a minimum of 1500 words or more. Funny pictures or videos to share on our Facebook page.

We welcome all you pet lovers to write for our blog! We’d love to hear your pet stories, tips on pet care, breed information, or anything else pet related that you would like to share. Get to know the publication before you pitch. As we mentioned earlier, before you pitch any of the pubs on this list, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their existing content. That means you should read through recent blog posts or magazine issues to make sure your idea is a good fit for the publication.

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