To become a feminist ear is to find a way to get the complaints moving again. Perhaps if this is a picture of complaint, it is also a picture of time and also of a life, what a life can become in the time of complaint. A complaint is like a bag that gets heavier in time, the longer it takes the more it weighs. Or it might be the time a complaint takes is time as some of us don’t have.

Most of their stories have an international focus and a sense of place but they are adamant about not publishing conventional travel writing. They also want stories that are relevant to anyone, not just women. Pay is negotiated once the piece has been accepted. Six Hens publishes first-person nonfiction stories about “moments that define and redefine.” They only accept submissions from women writers but the topic of the essay does not have to be about feminist or women’s issues. Pay is $50 for stories of up to 2,000 words.

The students observed that the senior managers had been nodding throughout my lecture including nodding during my discussion of nodding as non-performative. The students were at the tail end of a long and difficult complaint. And they told me that the management had enacted the same tactics that I was describing in the lecture. Nodding can be about recognising a problem insofar as the problem is safely construed as being somewhere else or as coming from someone else. If you can nod at the critique of nodding, then you can appear to recognise the problem of appearing to recognise a problem.

Contributors will be asked to include relevant content warnings at the top of posts, for example, posts that include articles or research related to violence or hate speech. Blogs containing hate speech g will not be tolerated. The Women’s History Network is a national association and charity for the promotion of women’s history and the encouragement of everyone interested in women’s history. Following our establishment in 1991 we have grown year by year and today we are a UK national charity with members including working historians, researchers, independent scholars, teachers, librarians, and many other individuals both within academia and beyond.

I think of where complaints end up, behind those doors, in those files, in that complaint graveyard. I think of all that is also there with them. The places that complaints are buried, are holders of many histories, histories of profound pain and loss, of violence, yes, but also histories of struggle, or refusal, those who say no to it, who won’t go along with it, who won’t take any more of it. It is not surprising then that to complain is to find out so much, you put yourself in touch with a history, you find stuff out about yourself, what you will and won’t take, but also other people, about institutions, about power. You might find out about other complaints, earlier complaints. In the book you will read about secret letters in post-boxes, file mysteriously appearing on fax machines, graffiti on books left by one to be picked up later by another.


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From custom pins to keychains to stickers to handmade items, you can create all types of promotional items that will capture a potential reader or resonate with a long-time fan. We reached out to the writing community to find out how authors have used promotional products when marketing their books. Many women’s bloggers take their own photographs for posting on their blog. Taking your own photos gives you more control over what images you can use and helps you avoid needing to pay for good quality images. You can take photos of your projects, such as decorating your home, your travels, and anything else that makes sense. Practice will make you better at photography, particularly if you combine that practice with study in the form of a class or online instruction.

We’re steadily growing, and we’re looking for some dependable freelance writers to contribute to our website on a monthly basis. While we have a few writers on staff, currently these freelance positions are unpaid — unfortunately, we’re operating on an extremely low budget, but hoping to change that as we grow. In the meantime, we have committed to supporting our writers in any way we can. WOW is open to general queries, as long as it relates to the craft of writing and publishing.

BUST seeks to bring a feminist perspective to a wide array of topics, from fashion to pop culture to personal stories. Pay varies but reports estimate it to be around $50 to $100, and each category has different word length requirements. Women’s Voices for Change publishes news, commentaries, personal essays, and expert analysis.

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