Over 30 million Americans in woodland hills, CA, suffer from missing teeth in their jaws. Statistics claim that over 15 million people undergo crown and bridge replacement, and the recorded success rate showed a positive 98%. The dental implant market in country regions of California is projected at unified growth to $25.14 billion in 2023. 

all on 4 implants Woodland Hills provide a safe and long-term solution to missing teeth through board-certified practitioners. Traditional dentures can cause unpleasant side effects like sores and pain while speaking and eating. Given below are advantages that you can enjoy through All On 4 dental implants:

Prevention Of Bone Degradation

The most common side effects of prolonged missing teeth are bone loss and degradation in the jaw region. Opting for a reliable All-On-4 system can help you minimize the negative impact of bone degradation through direct affixation into the jaw bone. The best feature of All-On-4 implants is their pressure, which aptly mimics natural teeth on scientific and aesthetic grounds, thereby retaining bone mass and increasing durability. These implants are safe for people who already experience bone loss, as they provide a secure connection that astronomically prevents the need for a bone graft

Boosts Self Confidence

One of the most common reactions that dentists receive after a successful AO4 is an enhanced and affirmative self-confidence. This is due to the treatment’s pivotal role in inciting a complete set of original teeth secured comfortably in the mouth. This also enables them to enjoy relaxable chewing without an ounce of sensitivity or jaw exposure. When opting for reliable experts in Woodland Hills, you will likely meet compassionate and empathetic professionals who understand your frustration and embarrassment, which can kick your self-confidence up a few notches. 

Professional And Compassionate Experts

The popularity of dentistry in Woodland Hills, CA, is increasing with the market size, which has reached a whopping $21.9 billion valuation. There are about 32,025 certified dentistry businesses with an employment of 168,579 professionals. The average amount for single-tooth implants may range anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000. If one of your jaws has missing teeth, All On 4 implants are the way to go, costing you anywhere between $12,000 to $25,000 in Woodland Hills, CA. 

Getting All On 4 implants in Woodland hills will ensure an affordable and personalized experience of implanting teeth through industry professionals and experts while empathizing with your fears and anxieties. They start by conducting an X-ray examination of your mouth and schedule appointments for your surgery. Professional dentists administer safe-to-use anesthetics and sedatives to make you comfortable and proceed to make surgical incisions for implantation. They also advise you on the healing period and help you boost your confidence with zero embarrassments.

Superior Oral Health & Hygiene

AO4 procedures are easy to undergo and follow and involve a painless after-care routine that is no different from standard oral care. From brushing to flossing to rinsing, you will not require frequent appointments with your dentist due to an issue with your implants. It also provides the benefit of negating expensive adhesives that come with traditional fixtures and dentures. 

A Long-Term Solution To Missing Teeth

Traditional dentures give you an unpleasant experience in the long run, with a host of sores and inflammation pain while eating solid foods. Keeping this in mind, AO4 has a significant edge over other treatments by promoting the longevity and permanency of the implants. With minimal to no side effects, you are guaranteed permanent results that require no special appointments or regular visits to fit them again. While traditional dentures need standard fittings and check-ups, you will also have to undergo sinus augmentation and years’ worth of healing periods. 

Unlike traditional dentures, the AO4 system uses secured and fastened implants that prevent gum recession. It is comfortable and convenient in the long run and prevents bone resorption with a higher success rate. 


Having missing teeth in your jaw can be an embarrassing experience- you may fall prey to the vicious cycle of frustration and loss of confidence and become a victim of dental problems that can trigger oral health. Getting teeth replaced with All On 4 implants can improve your overall quality of oral life. 

You can avoid multiple sitting and surgeries and enhance your self-confidence with the industry’s most compassionate and reliable experts. You can prevent future health issues and restore that beautiful look. So make use of the advancements made in dental science and technology.

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