So far, our analysis has relied primarily on easy, counting statistics to draw conclusions. To more rigorously consider racial differences, we used multivariate logistic regression. This allowed us to gauge racial differences while holding debtor revenue and other traits constant. Another necessary distinction between the chapters is in how a lot attorneys are paid and, perhaps extra importantly, how they’re paid. A complete study of lawyer fees9 put the average price of a Chapter 7 in 2009 at around $1,000 and a Chapter thirteen at around $2,600. Chapter 7 lawyer fees are generally due in full before filing, while at least a portion of Chapter thirteen fees may be paid by way of the plan.

About 71 % of Chapter 13 circumstances in 2010 have been filed with no money paid to the attorney previous to submitting.30 For different instances, the common quantity paid up front was $326. Of course, there are different noteworthy types of debt beyond these 4 classes. However, no others demonstrated similarly outsized racial disparities. For instance, about half of all debtors had excellent medical debt, but this was the most important type of debt solely about 3 to four p.c of the time. Student loans, tax obligations, debt consumers and bank cards are different classes value mentioning. Attorneys told us that debtors typically filed a Chapter thirteen chapter in order to forestall a shutoff of service or to regain service.

For debtors residing in largely black areas, the chances of submitting underneath Chapter thirteen had been two-and-a-half times as excessive as those for debtors dwelling in principally white areas, controlling for revenue and other monetary traits of debtors. For debtors dwelling in largely black areas, the odds of getting a Chapter 13 case dismissed were about 70 percent greater than those of debtors living in mostly white areas, controlling for income ennis johnson death and other financial characteristics of debtors. In Southern states where $0 down Chapter thirteen plans are extensively available, this struggle to afford Chapter 7 fees among black debtors ends in a better number of Chapter thirteen filings. NACBA serves the wants of shopper bankruptcy attorneys and works to guard the rights of client debtors. The availability of a Chapter 7 installment plan seems to have resulted in a much higher fee of Chapter 7 filings.

Because there are 91 court districts in the country, mannequin estimates for court districts usually are not proven. Court district was not included within the Tennessee-West or Illinois-North models as a outcome of the models were within a single courtroom district. Using the methods employed in the analysis of the national data, we evaluated the disparity evident in all filings in the Northern District of Illinois.

Mortgage, auto, court docket, and utility debt all present causes to file under Chapter thirteen as opposed to Chapter 7. In explicit, court and utility debt issues could be disproportionately borne by black debtors and exacerbate racial disparities in the bankruptcy system in consequence. We analyzed the creditors who registered claims in opposition to debtors who filed under Chapter 13 in 2010. This analysis was based mostly off of courtroom data obtained for a random sample of two,394 Chapter 13 cases, about 20 percent of these filed within the district in that year. We then categorized claimants by type of creditor.24 There are drawbacks to this method. Some major creditors/claimants, particularly debt patrons, don’t clearly present the source of debt.

From 2008 by way of 2015, seventy two percent of the filings in white zip codes have been under Chapter 7, while debtors in black zip codes selected Chapter 7 only 49 percent of the time. We found that about 9 percent of Chapter thirteen filers within the district had high enough income and disposable revenue that they did not have the choice to file under Chapter 7. Predictably, this quantity was smaller for debtors from largely black census tracts . A binary variable indicating cases the place the debtor held actual property property was included. The ratio of secured to whole debt was additionally included as a covariate. In the nationwide analysis, fixed results for court district have been included.

The debtor’s obligations are mixed into one, regular payment8, and people funds are calibrated to the debtor’s revenue. The regulation permits for three- to five-year Chapter 13 plans, but most plans are five-year plans. In instances filed between 2008 and 2010, about forty one % of debtors who filed beneath Chapter thirteen acquired a discharge of the money owed through Chapter thirteen. Another 10 % first filed beneath Chapter 13, but then converted to Chapter 7 and obtained a discharge that way. We also appeared at the monetary profile of debtors filing chapter, the types of debts driving these bankruptcies, how debtors fared in Chapter thirteen payment plans, and which attorneys filed probably the most bankruptcy cases, as well as other elements. These two elements aren’t distinct – and in fact may be very exhausting to disentangle.

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