Suffering from a severe case of dysentery, Washington was left behind, and when he rejoined Braddock at Monongahela the French and their Indian allies ambushed the divided military. Two-thirds of the British drive became casualties, together with the mortally wounded Braddock. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gage, Washington, nonetheless very sick, rallied the survivors and shaped a rear guard, allowing the remnants of the pressure to disengage and retreat. During the engagement, he had two horses shot from beneath him, and his hat and coat had been bullet-pierced. His conduct beneath fireplace redeemed his reputation among critics of his command in the Battle of Fort Necessity, however he was not included by the succeeding commander in planning subsequent operations. Washington has been memorialized by monuments, a federal vacation, varied media depictions, geographical places together with the national capital, the State of Washington, stamps, and foreign money.

Courtesy of George Eastman Museum George Eastman Museum founding movie curator James Card was a passionate devotee of silent film director John H. Collins’ work. It is thru his affect that the museum is the principal repository of the director’s few extant films. Produced by Arthur Freed and directed by Vincente Minnelli, “Gigi” is a lush Technicolor musical from MGM that tells the story of a friendship between a playboy and a younger girl that turns to like. “Gigi” is based on a 1944 novella by Colette and received a remedy on Broadway in 1951, however it was Arthur Freed who envisioned the story as a film musical and in the end fought to get it made. Frenchwoman Leslie Caron was solid within the title function, and Maurice Chevalier was forged as Honoré Lachaille, a task that was expanded in the movie version and which helped revitalize Chevalier’s career.

Alfred Hitchcock’s research in voyeurism tantalizes and teases the viewer a lot as the plot twists intrigue the film’s protagonist. Hitchcock’s story comes from a Cornell Woolrich story as tailored by John Michael Hayes. To pass the time between visits from his nurse and his trend mannequin girlfriend , the binocular-wielding Jeffries stares via corporate americas frantic response georgia the rear window of his house on the goings-on in the different flats round his courtyard. Of particular interest is seemingly bland travelling salesman and his nagging, invalid wife.

The film is a sumptuously composed pictorial entrance right into a fantasy world, which tries to show us not to overlook the fantastic factor about what’s close and familiar. “The Birds” was the fourth suspense hit by Alfred Hitchcock—following “Vertigo,” “North by Northwest” and “Psycho”—revealing his mastery of his craft. Hitchcock transfixed each critics and mass audiences by deftly moving from anxiety-inducing horror to shiny entertainment and suspense, with bold forays into psychological terrain.

Woody Allen combines witty dialogue, the music of George Gershwin, and atmospheric areas — shot in glorious black and white by Gordon Willis — to style this bittersweet romantic comedy. Isaac , a neurotic tv writer in his forties, is romantically involved with Tracy , a 17-year-old student. But things get sophisticated when he begins so far Mary , the ex-mistress of his greatest pal .

A deranged preacher terrorizes two children in possession of stolen loot and ultimately developing towards a saintly protector of runaway and deserted children . German-born Oskar Fischinger was a painter, filmmaker and animator whose work concerned good colours, summary forms and ingenious photography and film techniques to capture them each. His “Motion Painting No. 1” is made up a collection of oil paintings on acrylic glass repeatedly overlaid on top of one another which, through stop motion images, causes them to appear to move and transmute, multiply and recede.

Director Chris Eyre makes use of the relaxed road-movie concept to create a funny and unpretentious look at Native Americans in the nation’s cinema and tradition. The mostly Native American forged features Adam Beach and Evan Adams as the 2 street warriors who discover themselves on a hilarious journey. Beneath the highly entertaining façade, the film acquainted non-Native American audiences with actual insights into the indigenous Americans’ culture. Sherman Alexie penned the witty, droll script based his guide “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.” This Miramax release was an enormous hit on the independent movie circuit and won quite a few awards, together with a Sundance award.

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