For protozoans, the genus name when used in singular form should always be in italics. However, when used in the plural form, you need not italicize the genus name. E.g., Leishmania are responsible for causing the disease leishmaniasis. From above example, note that the classifications go from general to specific (C. lupus). A species, by definition, is the combination of both the genus and specific epithet, not just the epithet.

WebsiteEnter the URL of your blog, your writing portfolio, or your company’s website. Use a tool like Hemingway App if you’re not a professional writer (most of us aren’t). Learn the 3 Secrets that will help you to overcome the biggest gardening challenges that are preventing you from creating your dream garden. Use these stunning plant combinations for 4-season interest in your garden.


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Biennials require two years to complete their biological cycle of growth, reproduction and then decay. During these two years, the first year encompasses their flowering process and they start to die in the subsequent one. Late spring is the flowering time for Biennials and their prominent examples are Kalette, Hollyhock, Potato, Carrot, etc. Similar to creepers in their thin, long and weak stems, the Climbers cannot stand erect as well but grow vertically through external supports and can carry their own weight. Some of the examples of climbers are money plants, runner beans, grapevine, etc. Those plants that creep on the ground have very fragile as well as thin and long stems are referred to as creepers.

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Next time you’re tempted to scroll through your phone, try sitting outside in a park or checking in on your houseplants instead. Environmental Protection Agency, we spend a considerable amount of our time indoors instead—around 90%. That is where indoor plants can come to the rescue. Although they are not a substitute for the ‘great outdoors’, indoor plants can provide similar benefits.

Based on the seeds of a plant, we can divide them into two types. Having a shorter life cycle that only spans across a few weeks, they grow, reproduce and die and are found almost everywhere. They are not just limited to just a single type of environment and some of the ephemeral plants are Bloodroot, Red trillium, Great White trillium, etc.

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