Please send to us with “SUBMISSION” as the subject and include the title and the full text in the body of the email. Diverse voices and highly credentialed experts are always welcome in our community. I will not accept anything that requires extensive editing to make it readable. I generally avoid climate change or pushing any political viewpoints––except, occasionally, my own. Please cite an authoritative source for statistics or other factual claims. Standard these snippets by writing about its origin, innovator, location, production, etc.

We will offer you clear guidelines and you will get a thorough and complete outline for each article with all subheadings already supplied. I’m an environmental writer passionate about sustainability. If you have an idea or story you would like to share about caring for the environment, we encourage you to submit an article here. Journalism is changing rapidly through a digital and social media revolution. It is no longer the preserve of press barons and elite groups; journalism is now democratic and everyone has a voice.

Each article must contain a minimum of 500 words, some exceptions to this rule may be made upon editorial review. All content must be unique, we will not accept re-posts or similar. We will use tools such as Copyscape to ensure each post is original. If your submission is accepted, you’ll know within 2-3 weeks.

However, you are more than welcome to get in touch before writing to discuss your ideas. Relating to the previous point, if you are seeking to publish a guest article with a backlink to a business you are representing, please include a brief description of said business in your initial proposal. Determination of whether I will publish your article shall depend on the calibre of the business desiring a link, and the quality and relevance of the article. Dear prospective contributor, thank you for considering adding your voice to the conversation that is ‘unsustainable’. Please take note of the following critical points before you submit any proposals or articles.

You can view our latest stories here on Send me an email at [email protected] with the file containing your article attached. Ideas or concepts can also be emailed to me prior to writing an article for approval. Ideas or concepts for article submissions can also be emailed to me for approval prior to writing the article.

Enviro Green Bloggers and Writers Write For Us Are you an aspiring writer? I think most people will agree that the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg draws very ….. This is a hiking, camping, foraging, campfire cooking, nature loving blog.

We can’t publish everything, but if it’s likely to resonate with our readers or challenge them in some way, you’ll fly to the top of our list. We want to report on the diverse voices of our audience and beyond—regular people writing as travellers, investors and consumers. • Make sure photos used in the article of embedded videos are relevant to the topic and are high quality. All articles must be unique, and may not be a copied/republished article from another site. Get in touch by completing the form below and we look forward to reading your exciting Green Living Blog piece and share it with our audience.

We reserve the right to edit posts as required to fit the style, voice and expectations of our readers. We also reserve the right not to publish any post at all times. Sign up for my newsletter to see new photos, tips, and blog posts.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Contributions should be original to Green Child and not have been published elsewhere online or slated for distribution on other sites. Once your work is published on our website, you agree it won’t be published elsewhere. Feel free to add the link to your portfolio and spread the word.

Please don’t pitch an article that you don’t have 6-8 good photos for at minimum . The post should have an intro followed by content broken up into sections that are easy to digest. Please refer to some of our new blog content for examples. These are personal stories that should still be useful and educational for readers. However, if you have relevant, high-res images, we’re happy to include them.

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