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We greeted both fresher and experienced those who have a passion for this field. Fresher or experienced, it doesn’t matter to us. If you are familiar with this field and give us quality-rich content, we will surely return you the same value.

Our editorial team will review your article within 3 working days to ensure that it meets our requirements. We will publish the article if it meets expectations, and inform you when we do. We have been around since 2014 and have a combined social media followers of over one million users across various platforms. is a website that specializes in offering ready-made home plans specifically designed for Africa. We have a blog section that is constantly updated with useful content for homeowners and intending homeowners.

As our name suggests, we are here to provide innovative and cutting-edge ideas for granite, quartz countertops. We include international designs, innovative architectures, inspiring decorating ideas, everything you need to create a cutting-edge home or business. We have an in-house team of SEO and social media experts to do your article’s proper promotions. Don’t worry about the promotions; they will make sure the article is posted on all our social media channels. You should also promote the piece on all your social media platforms. So, for better quality, we have few guidelines to be followed by you.

And, definitely you will also get the benefits of those recommendation in terms of backlinks, traffic and users. ○ All images must be in JPG, JPEG, and PNG format. ➤ For the money, we never post shitty content that does not match our home and kitchen category. Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information, or send a message through thecontact page. If you can want to update the content in future, you can send me a request.

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