There are also tournaments for players with disabilities, such as wheelchair tennis and deaf tennis. In the four Grand Slam tournaments, the singles draws are limited to 128 players for each gender. For a right-handed player, the forehand is a stroke that begins on the right side of the body, continues across the body as contact is made with the ball, and ends on the left side of the body. There are various grips for executing the forehand, and their popularity has fluctuated over the years.

The server may employ different types of serve including flat serve, topspin serve, slice serve, and kick serve. A reverse type of spin serve is hit in a manner that spins the ball opposite the natural spin of the server, the spin direction depending upon right- or left-handedness. If the ball is spinning counterclockwise, it will curve right from the hitter’s point of view and curve left if spinning clockwise. A serve (or, more formally, a “service”) in tennis is a shot to start a point.

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In May 2020, the Tennis Channel ranked Williams as the greatest female tennis player of all time. Below the Challenger Tour are the Futures tournaments, events on the ITF Men’s Circuit. These tournaments also contribute towards a player’s ATP rankings points. Futures Tournaments offer prize funds of between US$10,000 and US$15,000. If their opponent is deep in their court, a player may suddenly employ an unexpected drop shot, by softly tapping the ball just over the net so that the opponent is unable to run in fast enough to retrieve it. Hybrid stringing is when a tennis racket is strung with two different strings for the mains and the crosses .

Our readers want engaging and interesting content, not re-hashes of other peoples hard work. We are one of many sports blogs that accept submissions and guest posts, so please don’t circulate the same work between us. If memory serves me, it was a shoe that got thrown in the direction of the court during the WCT event in Bologna back in the early 1970s. But with Gianni, a cross look was quickly replaced with a large, endearing smile.


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Most large tournaments seed players, but players may also be matched by their skill level. According to how well a person does in sanctioned play, a player is given a rating that is adjusted periodically to maintain competitive matches. For example, the United States Tennis Association administers the National Tennis Rating Program , which rates players between 1.0 and 7.0 in 1/2 point increments. Average club players under this system would rate 3.0–4.5 while world class players would be 7.0 on this scale.

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