Content submitted to our website must be of high quality and offer value to our readers. You will be able to promote and grow your influence by including dofollow backlinks, social media posts (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and videos in the post. This is useful if you have your own website or social media profiles that you are trying to raise awareness of. INDIY is a platform for musicians by musicians – We believe in a better music industry.

Grammar and punctuation should be in top-notch shape. We only accept articles that are high level and read like a native English speaker. Even though we will do some light editing for you, we simply cannot spend more than a few minutes fixing common spelling mistakes and rewriting problematic sentences. If you’re doing this to get journalism experience, we’ll provide mentoring and guidance, regular bylines and a reference for your future employers . Your editor is a professional working journalist (CBC/freelance) who can support you as you work toward making a living in the business. You’ll be helping wonderful independent artists to get exposure, which is especially important now that they can no longer rely on mainstream media support due to cut-backs.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Unfortunately, most of these guest posters don’t plan on adding value. We get a LOT of requests to post blogs and articles though – so we do maintain high standards. That means our team may work with you on editing or re-working your piece until we know it’s going to connect with our readers, and also promote you as best as possible. Copyright issues We respect your time invested in writing any piece of content.

Any link in the body content must be to a relevant, high-quality blog post. We’d be looking for passionate DJs that, at the very least, have played out in a professional capacity at a number of different venues. In addition to your experience as a working DJ , you could also be a music producer, a musician, a writer/journalist, or a mixture of all of the above. If you have the expertise, the experience of simply a strong motivation to contribute by creating an outstanding article for the Merriam Music readers, please fill out the form below. Article quality Noone loves half-cooked food, so does the readers. Make sure the article is educational, informative for the GrooveNexus readers and fanbase.

You don’t need to have a communications degree or a hefty resume full of media experience to apply. SPF is all about the DIY and genuine, passionate energy that fuels the independent industry, and that’s what we value most in our contributors. We’re growing our team and, to paraphrase Uncle Sam, we want you! Sure, you may be writing school papers or office briefs already, but are 100,000 people per month reading those? Perhaps your own blog doesn’t reach a big enough audience.

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