We always welcome having new bloggers, writers, web journalists or amateur writers to join our team as (Guest Writer/Contributor). We produce content not for search engines but for our readers. 1) Understand our style and try to stay consistent with it. Generally, we write about traditional yoga, spirituality, tantra and other eastern practices.

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Welcome to MandalaYogaSpa, your one-stop spiritual guide through your journey of the meditation and wellness world. If you want to get backlinks for your brand, business, or small market you have to pay a nominal amount of charge for it. We condemn the use of any provoking and defaming words and topics. Get featured and promote your small businesses and markets on our site with growing traffic every day. Your article should fit within our general site topics. Please also provide a short bio around 120 characters with a headshot, and optionally a link to your website.

With all these writings, we will also encourage the small businesses and markets here on our post with truly right facts and figures regarding it. We do not only welcome the new writers, we can also crave for you if you are the right one with the potential of growing up. Any references included in the article should be pertinent and provide extra information on the given topic. You can use royalty-free images in your submitted content.

To start with, you can forward the post title and a short idea of the content you will going to cover in it to our official email address. Along with this, let us know about your experience and do attach your relevant qualification certificates. You can enhance the credibility by adding facts, statistics, and links.

Our unique readership of mothers makes us a valuable resource to reach. Contributing an article to Yoga content is an effective way to increase your traffic and rankings on the search engines. In fact, nearly half of marketers have admitted that guest posting is their most effective way of generating leads. If you write for us Yoga every day on Mom News Daily, you broaden your network and get more exposure for your work. Meadowlark Yoga is now welcoming experienced writers for contributor content.

Also, all the links should be already added as no affiliate linking is allowed. Writers should include sub-headings to make the article scannable and more readable. Apart from this, for emphasis, all sub-heading should be question format. After the submission of the article, you may not publish it to any other resources, including paper or electronic means. For credibility, we suggest you include links, statistics, and recent studies data. The content should be relevant to the topic and should clearly define it.

Please avoid any communication before sending your posts. Our editorial team will do some minor edits if it is required without altering the general message of the article. The length of the Blog posts should be of minimum 1500 words. Expand your exposure and experience by becoming a regular contributor for Asana International Yoga Journal today. Articles should include pictures that don’t infringe on copyright unless used by permission or you own copyright.

We don’t want to limit you in achieving as much exposure and success as possible, but current SEO practices reduce the SEO results of both websites when duplicate content is found. You must own all of the photographs you use in the guest posting or provide the necessary copyright information with each image. The blog post that you submitted shouldn’t be posted anywhere, not even on your own website or profile. We’re constantly looking for new, insightful blogs that are well-written, no posts that have already been published elsewhere. Please send topic-related pieces and include a brief biography that contains details about your yoga-related experience or professional practice.

She is the creator of Magdalene Circle, a community for women to explore the relationship between their bodies, gendered experiences, and spirituality. The content must be detailed, unique and offer valuable information. Yet we are no greater or lesser than you as most of us have put our dreams deep inside at one time or another. But our dreams are never truly gone, for they sit somewhere inside of us, always at the ready, prepared for that moment that we reach for them. Content ideas that I strongly feel will be perfect for audience.

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