Your hotel welcome letter should be short and sweet and to the point. Guests aren’t interested in reading an anthology about your property to kick off their vacation. The letter should be helpful, informative and sincere, and should be infused with your brand’s personality.

Once submitted, we retain final editorial control of the post. Before you start, include a few different ideas in your email. So we can have a few subjects to choose from and don’t waste the time. Please note that we reserve the right to edit or rewrite sections of your article to make them fit our guidelines and only if it is easy to be corrected.

At OneSearchHotels we are open to publishing guest posts from travel writers and bloggers. We’d love to publish articles that will enlighten our readers, show them new, exciting places to visit and showcase the best events around the world. Beyond addressing your welcome letter to the guest by name, you can go a step further by leveraging the information stored in your PMS or CRM system.


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The more personalized your content, the more each segment will feel that you are a suitable choice. We have some important guidelines to ensure the quality of content we offer to our users. So, when you start to write a travel guest post, make sure to follow these guidelines thoroughly. Cloudsdeal is a Travel Blog that accept guest posts which focus more on quality than quantity. Make sure to share travel guest post that attracts people attention and make them aware about a destination.

Give them a reason to return and a reason to develop a relationship with your property. The harder you work at creating a unique online community, the more likely readers are to share it with their friends—expanding your blog audience even further. The thing about travel SEO copywriting is that you need to be consistently creating quality content AND targeting the right keywords. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a giant pool of potential guests who turn to search engines and social media to find answers and inspiration.

Hotel technologies that offer guest insights and preferences will help you deliver truly exceptional and personalized experiences. Which is why providing a superior guest experience is at the top of the list for many hoteliers. A personalized welcome letter is one small, but important factor in delivering the guest experience that results in repeat visits and referral business.

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