As a end result, this place pressured me to look at my goals and direction regarding work and residing very differently; it was very transformative spending time right here and I cannot wait to return. Astrocartography takes the identical birth information and places it on a world map, exhibiting the place each celestial physique was in relation to continents and countries. By touring to those destinations, you’ll have the ability to embody the essence of those planets, and use their vitality to improve your life. Having your chart learn can even provide you with perception when making huge decisions about your profession, your love life, or relationships. Within the astrocartography map, you will see four Sun Lines, 4 Moon Lines, four Jupiter Lines, and so on. Each planet links with every of the cardinal points to offer even more depth to the astrocartography/astrogeography studying.

Mars has very passionate, intense, and masculine vitality that is probably not suited to everybody. You’re in for thrilling, if not combative, instances beneath this line, as it tends to be very energizing and even aggressive. Mercury governs communication and intellect, so when beneath this line, you might feel expressive, chatty, or inspired. It’s a good place to choose up a brand new intellectual pursuit or project, or just strike up a conversation. You’re comfortable, confident, and really feel in sync with your self. Saturn represents a place where you could be working really exhausting to prove your self or attain your targets.

Anywhere that touches this line, given the sun’s presence, is a place where you’ll shine, says Hills-Deneen. There’s the possibility for you to shine in your personal relationships, career, day-to-day life, and extra, depending on where the line falls on your map. It was in Bali that I first felt that I as a traveller belonged to a group. It was here I first met fellow digital nomads (I do not think I’d even really heard the term before!) and felt a lot support and love and understanding from people related in make up and life objectives to me.

At first look, an astrocartography map can look confusing and overwhelming. Although it seems like a soup of colorful lines, every marking has that means. There is a drop-down menu at the prime of the display that, when clicked, will reveal each continent. This will convey up the respective planetary strains for every continent. Each planet, luminary, or celestial body has a specific theme, concept, or signature.

If a location falls beneath your Saturn line, you possibly can count on to guide a dutiful life of structure within the area. Mars motivates us to get issues done and full the initiatives at hand. If your Mars line passes by way of a location, it means that you’ll live a life of adventure and activity in that space. The places that fall along the solar lines what does it mean to have a magenta aura will let you shine and reside your best life. Let’s say that you’ve got got your Astrocartography map and you discover out that you’re residing on a tricky line, like Saturn or Neptune. “The greatest thing is not to be frightened of the tougher strains, because there are issues that all of them are giving us,” she says.

Where astrology is the examine of how natal planetary placements and transits affect us, astrocartography takes things a step further by transposing this information towards a map of the world. Via an astrogeography map, an astrologer will be capable of interpret where the planets were based, rising and setting on the time of somebody’s birth. Once, before I made a major transfer, I checked my astrocartography chart to foreshadow the power of the area. The subsequent transfer, I made positive that my chart was well aspected by the traces and it was. These are factors to contemplate before making a serious move or change of location. Your Venus line particularly can let you know where you’ll discover love and other long-lasting relationships.

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