As you said, it is a lot of work and it should be. I have been pitching mid-level publications with my recently built portfolio but no luck so far. I realize that when you’re pitching someone, it is not just the pitch they look at, but also they go through your blogs to understand your writing style and knowledge on the subject. I feel it is really hard process for an esl blogger like me to get that sweet spot with just a pitch.

They ask that you allow five business days (i.e. excluding weekends and holidays) for them to review your article. If you haven’t heard from them after five business days, you can submit your article elsewhere. is geared toward business owners who are starting and/or growing their own businesses. Their writers cover “actionable information and practical inspiration for business owners.”

Some writers (or writers’ agents) will promote themselves for sale on influencer marketing marketplaces. They advertise themselves as writers for Forbes and allow you to buy their services by publishing an article on Forbes. You used to see these on Fiverr all the time, though these days, they’re a little harder to locate. This tactic is relatively straightforward because the people who write for Forbes are generally prolific in other venues. You can probably find them on their websites, Twitter or LinkedIn, or PR sites. They’re likely using Forbes to build their brands and be contributors and journalists, so it’s likely that they even have a contact email published somewhere easy to find.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

If you’re writing for other authoritative blogs or industry-specific publications, you can also include backlinks or quotes from the contributors to Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Inc that you want to connect with. So, you have a strong background that showcases your ability to write content. But to become a Forbes contributor you must have a focus, a niche that you are fluent in. If you know exactly what that focus is, fantastic. If you don’t, then the best place to start figuring it out is by looking through your past work.

Entrepreneur focuses on start-ups and entrepreneurship in the US. TechCrunch offers breaking news about new startups. Forbes has international appeal with different sections. Select the editor of the section of your chosen publication. It does not mean that your piece was terrible; it just means that the pitch did not work for a variety of reasons.

It still gets retweets and shares every single week. But, at least it’s easier than trying to socially engineer your way into a position. Getting published on Forbes at that point is guaranteed, as long as you are a relevant fit for that council and you pay the membership fee.

The key to becoming a Forbes contributor is determination and passion. The gig is a competitive one to land, but it is doable. What Forbes cares about more than anything else is quality. Forbes is renowned for being a tough gig to land because they want the best of the best. And this is absolutely part of the reason they have remained such a headstrong industry titan.

If you don’t love writing for its own sake it will become a burden rather than a blessing. The majority of those who thrive as contributors like to write. I write for myself, primarily, and to this day am always pleasantly surprised to discover that anyone else reads, let alone enjoys reading, what I’ve written.

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