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We have a Slack group and offer detailed feedback. Content mustbe 100% original, and completely your own. We run submissions through 3 checkers including copyscape to ensure that we’re delivering original value to our incredible audience of readers. We pay between USD $50 and $150+ per article, depending on the length/topic/quality. “Anyone can dream up great ideas, but an idea is nothing until it’s realized, be it as a website, a physical product, an app, or a user interface.”. “People are going to copy your product if you build great stuff. Just because Yahoo has a search box doesn’t make it Google”.

Targeted, thoughtful list posts resonate well with my readers. You can expect high-quality traffic to an up-to-date list of helpful resources, tools, tips, strategies, etc. I only accept guest contributions that are of similar quality as my own posts. I am looking for in-depth, educational, informational, value-driven content – that is what this website is about.

While themes are mostly about appearances, plugins are more focused on helping you add functionality to your free WordPress blog. This will launch the WordPress Editor, which lets you write your blog posts using a really intuitive block system. WordPress has a dedicated website security team composed of core software developers and users. WordPress users face most security issues due to an error from their end rather than the WordPress software platform itself. Theme developers build custom WordPress themes.


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These developers specifically work on the back-end operations of the internal WordPress development software. They write code to improve the functionality of the WordPress platform. Our readers love to read in-depth content that is insightful and interesting. Please do not abuse our blog as a “promotion platform” for any products, discount coupons, services, and so on. The content by itself should be helpful to the reader. We encourage you to include as many images as suitable for the blog post.

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