Anything that is not in the list of articles with a high acceptance rate. An article that has just words with no meaning for getting backlinks. By extremely high quality, I mean, it should not have published elsewhere. If your article includes any facts or data, you will need to provide the sources. Instead, write a genuine and inspiring post to educate readers. We would love to publish your work in front of our readers.


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Ask like plagiarism content, photos from untrusted source would be a foolish idea. As our niche is user-friendly, you can collect amazing HD pictures from free image submission websites like Pixels, Unsplash, 500px ETC. Images are the main attraction of an article if you want more readers to engage your content. You can produce your quality image by shortcut design as like quoting on the picture to get a positive impression. If it is exceptional, we will publish it, and it will reach thousands of thousands of readers. One of the most exciting features of the new site will be building a community using photographer profile pages.

He usefulness of the product, and other photographers’ feedback. How to Improve Your Clothing Photography – tips that cover the common pitfalls amateur photographers make when photographing apparel. Ensure your proofread your content and make it error-free, both with Grammatical and plagiarism free. In case you must use a paid tool like Grammarly and Copyscape to get error-free content. We never allow miswritten content so that you get suspended from our membership and can’t contact us if we detect any illegal writing views.

Before pushing the button, you must understand that you have to be a photographer with an online portfolio in order to apply to submit an article. NO content writers please – only actual photography teachers and writers will be considered. Consider all terms and condition of guest posting before posting your content . Write For Us Photography Blog Guest Post should also aim at increasing the awareness of our readers. Let your content be the pathway to avail of the benefits you can get by submitting articles to us. Our reviewing team shall scrutinize your article to check if it meets our guidelines.

We pride ourselves on publishing high quality, original articles. Because of this, we expect high standards in everything that we publish. All photos MUST BE originals,These MUST be your images and you must own the copyright. Do you have an article you’d like to share with us? Do you have something on your heart that you think our audience would enjoy? Whenever Google detects a site sending traffic to an irrelevant content or a page, it will devalue that blog.

In such a case, the article should have illustrations and media that explains the text. The format of the photography related article must be appropriately followed. It would be an excellent chance for all enthusiastic writers to share their knowledge on our platform. A lot of experience to aspiring and experienced writers and help them improve their writing talent. However, we do allow for one do-follow link in the author bio. We encourage you to submit 3 to 6 images with your article.

Our success is based on the contributions of fellow photographers and the articles they write. We pride ourselves with clean design and easy to find content. If you do, we would love to feature one or more of your digital photography tips here on Digital Photo Mentor.

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