1) We’re seeking the latest beauty, cosmetics, skincare, hair, and wellness trends and advice. Our Gazingly blog posts are beautiful and perfect enough. Never publish any write-up from other websites that is copied. We will remove your article and it would not be released if we find your work is plagiarized. We have the hard work of everyone else, so you should. In an article, pictures would certainly attract the readers’ attention.

We won’t accept links that are promotional in nature; i.e., links that promote affiliate products or services or redirect readers to another sales page. We provide social media promotion for busy writers who are looking to maximize the potential of their work. By becoming a guest writer for Beast Beauty, you’ll be giving your ideas and advice to others.


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It must not have been published anywhere else on the web. We always triple check this before accepting an article. Or any other term related to your niche or product or maybe service, just add contribute, write for us, or guest post with it. Moreover, you can check our parenting blog section to check out the type of content that we approve to be published on MOM News Daily. While writing for us, you must know that we do not pay for any guest post.

Provide a fabulous title and attention-grabbing opening that are exciting and intriguing. Clearly state what the article will be about in the first paragraph.

Guest posts are unpaid but we also give authors article credits that can be used when ordering Beauty products in our shop or just redeemed for cash at any time with no expiration date. Beauty-related pitches might be sponsored posts on beauty blogs, or guest post opportunities on online platforms where they specialize in fashion and lifestyle. InocenCia is a community blog that allows anyone to write fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health ideas.

You are welcome to submit a post on MOM News Daily that deals with family/parenting/kids or any other content for mothers. Check out some of our content on our website before you submit a Beauty blog post as a guest post for Mom News Daily. Publications (health “write for us”) are ad-honorem, which means that invited authors do not receive financial payment for publication.

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