Blogs that we select often contain encouragement, tips for overcoming specific issues, and Christian hope for those at a seeking level. We like blogs that have personal stories of struggles faced and overcoming those struggles. We also like informational blogs written by experts on the topics we address. We invite you to submit your guest post on dating that will help couples all around the world learn how to navigate romantic relationships. Depending on the subject complexity, we publish articles ranging in length from 2000 to 4000 words. Check the top of this page for more about this.

If I enjoy your post I will write back with a suggested date to publish the story. Otherwise, I’ll let you know that I’m passing on the submission so you can publish it elsewhere. Being available the day I publish your article to quickly respond to comments is encouraged. Stories should not have been previously published elsewhere. An exception may be allowed if it was published on your own blog to a small audience.

Yes, it can feel like a chore introducing yourself on a dating site. However, the process is still supposed to be fun! Enjoy the time to get to know yourself better. Welcome the challenge of learning how to share your best sides with the world. What you put up is going to attract the right guy or gal for you.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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So, if you are looking for a place to write a guest post for a self-improvement blog, Powerful Sight is the right place. Increases the likelihood that you’ll discover your life partner. Is finding a life partner made easier by reading blogs?

Each article will have an Author’s Summary at the end of the article. This can include your name, a few sentences about yourself, along with your photograph. In addition, you can provide a link back to your website/blog, and links to your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc). Readers can click your name to view a list of articles that you have written on our site.

If you’re a professional writer and want to write paid articles for us, contact us with some previous writing samples. Rewire is a nonprofit publication that delivers thought-provoking content that inspires young adults to make their lives better. They cover love, relationships, work, money, culture, democracy, and more. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.35 per word. We can help you boost your website traffic and sales by getting your site in the Top 10 of Google and other search engines.

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