Submit your posts usingthe form at the bottom of this page. Holistic methods for achieving health, including herbal medicine, homeopathy, and other drug-free methods of combating disease and maintaining wellness. If your manuscript will contain art of any kind (photos, charts, graphs, line drawings, etc.), please do not embed it into the text of your manuscript.


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Articles must not be published anywhere else and must pass a Copyscape / plagiarism check. Any article submitted to Crypto Food should be sent to in a word document with images attached. Selene River Press is a publishing company specializing in holistic nutrition education. Our philosophy is rooted in the work of Dr. Royal Lee, who showed that vitamin deficiencies, due to processed foods, are responsible for most degenerative disease. From organic farming to food-based vitamins, from raw milk to fermented foods, Dr. Lee set the course for the field of whole food nutrition. Finally, all links in the post should be relevant and quality websites.

But nowadays, the maximum time is used to embed backlinks. Moreover, health guest posts also help connect you with multiple writers and bloggers worldwide. There are many benefits to writing health and wellness guest posts for us. By doing so, you can share your valuable knowledge and expertise with our readers, help them improve their lives, and build your own credibility and visibility in the process.

When you write the guest post, add all the insightful assets in your blog to get backlinks easily. After you submit an article, it will be reviewed by a member of the editorial team who will proofread your work and suggest edits. We will not publish your article if it has already been published elsewhere.

If any tables, diagrams, illustrations, or photos will be included, please indicate how many. Also tell us if your book will include references, footnotes, or appendixes. Any cookbook—vegetarian, diet, or other—that promotes soy as the main protein. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, and drug-free methods of combating disease and achieving health. Please provide your full name, email and address details.

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