Use short paragraphs, break up the content with sub-headings and create a logical flow. Everything we publish on Basil Park has a positive angle. We don’t chastise people, nor tell them theymust do things a certain way.

We are here to provide you with the best opportunity to write for us. This is going to open your mind and going to help you with writing skills as well because not everyone is capable of writing. Are looking for fitness and health-related blogs submission sites, then the developer gang is giving you an opportunity to write about weight loss, health, tech, business, relationship, and more. Here is the Gmail id You can send them an email to submit your blogs post. If you have good writing skills then you can make a long-term relationship with them.

Dietitians, yoga trainers, Zumba dancers, health and fitness experts, gym trainers, food bloggers & weight controlling freaks, all are involved in weight loss + “write for us” + Guest posts. Guys, contribute your research-backed-up articles and stories on Inkbeau.To begin with, Ink Beau’s concern is to point out only real and trustable ideas to their readers and audiences. Their main goal is to share blogs about dieting and genuine fitness weight-loss + “write for us”+guest posts and health tips for people wanting to control and reduce weight loss. Their writers tell all the secret weight loss tricks “write for us” at Inkbeau.

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Further, you can share your piece of content through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Please understand that we cannot guarantee a specific date for publication as published articles are often scheduled according to priorities. If you want your article to appear sooner on our website and you are only slightly off-tune with our style and need minimal formatting changes, we can push up the schedule accordingly. Since we aim to provide information backed by facts and figures you can include links to high-authority websites that can back up your claim. If you’re an expert on the following ‘Health Write for Us‘ topics or have anything else fresh to contribute, please let us know.

IndiNewz aim at bringing the most exquisite information for our readers on various health topics. We cover content from a holistic journey to wellness. We provide different categories of writing to our writers. You can choose any category of your choice to write. After all, health is wealth and it is always the first thing we should focus on to enjoy life to the fullest and the longest. If you are a fitness freak and want to share your thoughts and knowledge, then this is the right platform where you can receive recognition around the globe as a blogger.


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Google’s guidelines regarding duplicate content are quite strict; so I reserve the right to remove content when in doubt. Your guest post should be unique and it should add to the user’s experience. Also, mention unique meta title and meta description .

Only original, well-written, and relevant content will be considered on this platform we expect the content that provides rich and dependable information about health, fitness, and beauty. These informative posts are crucial for imparting data and information about health and fitness. This is the healthcare platform where you can provide the best training and nutrition information for women by your guest post women’s health. You can develop a complete line of products solely for the benefit of women’s intimate health.

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