These social networking sites are essentially a colossal collection of About Me pages. Convey the passion you feel for your company’s mission. Be sincere and personal as you tell the story of your brand. There’s nothing wrong with letting your personality shine through. If your business is new and doesn’t yet have facts, figures and testimonials to support your claims, talk about your goals and describe what you’re doing to achieve them. Think about revisiting your About Us page to add in those numbers once you’ve established a track record.


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The Internet is teeming with websites selling similar goods and services. Your About Us page should be uniquely yours. It’s your story and your opportunity to establish a connection with visitors. Anyone reading it gets a comprehensive picture of the charity but delivered in bite-size portions.

This is a lot more useful than ranking for Top of the Funnel content like “best business books”. Good news… The Copywriter Clubaccepts guest posts. The not-so-good news is we get a lot of pitches in our inbox. So if you want to write for The Copywriter Club, please carefully follow the instructions below. Read and follow these guest post guidelines.

We write pain point SEO and value specificity. We get deep into the benefits and advantages of a clients product features so potential customers can understand if it’s the right product for them. The more specific the writing, the better and more effective to turning readers into buying customers. Put simply, people and businesses use content to educate and entertain themselves, and to connect with products and services. The people responsible for this content are likely to be marketing copywriters, a.k.a. those mysterious types who gwrite the internet. Regularly publishing new and relevant content will not only open up a new readership for you, but also improve your ranking in Google searches.

Try breaking up the copy with descriptive subheads, much as I’ve done in this post. It will help organize the copy and also make it scannable, which is how many people read online. Once you’ve gathered all your information, you may find your About Us page is lengthy. If it’s more than a few paragraphs, you’ll want to mold your page to include some visual interest.

Do you have your own audience to share your article with? And let us know a timeline that works for you. These tools use landing pages and CTAs to nurture leads more effectively and convert them into customers. Integrated analytics allow you to accurately measure the success and ROI of your marketing campaigns, as well as tweak them to improve conversions. Ultimately, this allows sales and marketing to work together more closely, setting and assessing goals based on hard data.

For many people, writing the first paragraph of their “About Us” page is the most difficult. If only they could get it started, they’re certain they could compose the rest. Here are interesting ways to craft your introductory paragraph. We will submit the URL to Google immediately once your post was published.

And remember,interviews should be guided and informative conversations. In the next chapter of this copywriting guide we’ll go through a step-by-step process for how to create brilliant content. You might outsource a specific sort of content to the agency – say, blog writing, infographics or video – if you lack the skills internally. Or you might want to outsource entire campaigns/channel if you require an all-inclusive strategy that’ll create a bigger impact.

We can also offer a full-time position if you’re interested. Although we only work with fintech companies, these range from crypto, to budgeting apps, to enterprise payments companies and consultancies. You won’t be writing about the same topics over and over again.

It might seem like common sense, but it’s important to check your copy again.Misspelt words and typoschange the perception a customer has of your business. Replace descriptions with images where you can. Say your small business offers storage solutions.

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