We receive daily pitches from writers who would like to guest post with us. Therefore we may not be able to reply to everyone. For regular guest writers , we will also create a dedicated author page and add you to our list of featured writers. To do so, please provide a small introduction about yourself. This should be around sentences as well as an image.

The Foodsk is one of the food blogs that accept guest posts. This blog specializes in recipes, travel, and lifestyle. The Foodsk features about 20 articles per day and is staffed by a diverse group of writers and editors. They are always looking for freelancers and will hire a dedicated writer from time to time. As a bonus, they will give backlinks to your website as well. If you’re a food blogger, the best way to get your content published on a popular food blog is to write a guest post.

Writers with experience creating SEO content will have an advantage, yet all those who can meet our guidelines should reach out. We encourage everyone to post under their real name as we firmly believe this will help you grow your confidence in food writing. Here are some frequently asked questions about submitting content to our website. This should be written by experts in the field and intend to give the reader a good breakdown of the topic of interest. All requests to write for us will definitely receive a response within 3 business days. Your post should not read like a press release, a classified ad, or appear lopsided.

We manually check each article using Copyscape and Grammarly. The post has not been published anywhere else online. There are over 50 submissions every month and only the absolute best are published for our entire audience. We are one of the best providers of Recipes, health & wellness information on the web, and seek to improve our reader’s lives one day at a time. I’m Karluci , a health blogger living in Boston, dedicated to making your skin glow from plant based foods. Allow us at least one week to process your blog posts or any queries.

We will only accept URLs linking to the informative article from your website. We will not accept any URLs linking to commercial or promotional content. We take the rights to edit your content to make sure that the post fits with the rest of our content.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Send us brief information about you, how would you like to work with us- paid post or guest blogger? If you would like to work with us as a paid contributor, then send us your rate for 1000 words article. You will get immense benefits of working with us both for paid contribution and guest posting. All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the “public domain”. Most of the images displayed are of unknown origin.

This is a great way to increase your Google ranking and blog traffic. If you have a niche related to food, you can also benefit from this type of backlink. To start guest posting, search for food blogs that allow guest posts and contact the owners to arrange a time and place for you to contribute. Then, create your content and meet their submission requirements. As a blogger, you may want to increase your traffic by submitting guest posts on popular food blogs. These guest posts can help you get more blog traffic and improve your Google rankings.

We put a link to your website or social profiles as well as your short bio at the end of every article. Now opens its doors to all Internet marketing aspirants who are willing to contribute their articles. This site is ranking first in Google for the keyword “easy cooking recipe” and has a page rank of 2. The final decision of publishing the guest post is with the site owner.

If necessary, divide sections of your article using subheadings and use bullets or numbers in listing information for them to be easy to read. Make sure your points are bulleted and easy to read. Sometimes, We will typically give your piece our own headline so that it fits Foodwalas style. We’ll also illustrate the post with our own photos .

Please use subheads and lists where appropriate, it will help readers follow clearly. Include bullet points on why this topic is important, why this topic is interesting to our readers. Alternatively, you can follow the Foodies Talks submission criteria. Proofread your article or recipe or guide to make it look professional. Figure out what kind of food writing are you interested in. With that being said, we require every piece to contain a minimum of 1500 words, must contain supporting and internal links, and is properly formatted.

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