With our Application Package, your dedicated caseworker will advise you on your application process and eligibility. Your legal advisor will then complete and submit your forms to the Department of Justice & Equality on your behalf. We do not offer payment for articles, but you may insert one link of your choice into the content . As well as other related topics that are relevant to the interests of our readers. We reserve the right to add any internal links, or external links to your blog.

In that case, we invite you to create five titles of the topic that you better master belonging to any of the blog categories available for posting. At BluCactus United Kingdom, we love having relevant content and establishing positive bonds with our collaborators. For that reason, when you send us an article that complies with all the requirements to be published, you may add one link per every 500-word section .

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40 Colori is a great model for About Us pages for small businesses. It provides a nice company overview, including a How We Work to give site visitors an inside look at operations. 40 Colori’s page holds promise to readers, telling a coherent story that increases trust and transparency. It also features key highlights about the brand that keeps visitors inspired and creates a good user experience.


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Learn how to improve your website copy with our free, curated list of high-impact articles. Many ecommerce website builders will include an About Us page in your starter template. For example, Shopify’s Parallax theme provides an About Us page template you can copy and paste your story into. Keep in mind that writing your actual copy in the first person (e.g., I, we) will help build a more personal connection with your target audience. Your About Us page is about you, so don’t shy away from that. The page continues to explain Mailchimps’ company culture.

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