An article that scratches the surface does not hold the attention of the readers. Only those that explore the depths of a topic and let the readers emerge with more information than he had appeal to the readers. Applicants will need to be knowledgeable about Android in general terms and have experience with the platform. More importantly, they must possess strong writing skills and have a sincere desire to blog on a part-time basis. Are you passionate about Android apps and games?


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That outbound link should be related to research or statistics. We’ll not allow your keyword link in the body content. Add more research and statistics in your content to make the article high-quality. The images you submit should not be copyright protected. If they are released under CC attribution required, mention the source to give credit.

Please provide a release date and help us realize your intended day of publication. Write clear and maintain the originality of content (if your article isn’t 100% original, we are likely to discard it). We are not responsible for third-party interactions with you after posting your PR on our website.

Make sure your writing has not been published before on other websites. Businesses related to Android and Android apps can write for Computer Tech Reviews. All you need to do is check out Android Write for Us Page.

One of the ways to increase trust-follow is guest blogging on a popular website. So, if you become our guest writer, your trust-follow will build up. Read our previous content before writing yours to make sure we have not already published the same topic. You have to maintain your Flesch Reading Ease score. For that, you can check your content from online tools before submitting your article.

The article must be comprehensive and include every single detail about the product. Use keywords, headings, subheading, and bullets to make your content more concrete and noticeable. Reviews should be related to Android apps no matter which category they are in.

Your article should be 100% original and free from copyright infringement and grammatical errors. Your article should be in the active voice rather than passive voice. You can write a passive voice of up to 20% of your whole article. The focus keyword should be there in your first paragraph of the article.

You can add a link from our previous blogs wherever it suits the article. You also have to manage keyword density, so try to add 4-5 focus keywords in the whole article. It is better to add a relevant link in the content which is officially for learning and informative website, For Example Wikipedia and W3schools. The article should be 100% unique, our editorial team checks it, if it will find plagiarized then the article should be rejected. The post can only be published in our site or blog according to its theme.

Here we are creating the best provider of mobile app development services according to the results of the search engine in 2022. Before publishing your content on our site, our special editors review your submitted article. Upon the need for improvement, the editors enhance and sometimes change the content as per their requirements.

Don’t promote your products or offerings through podcasts submitted to us. The content quality is more necessary than the recording. So, create a plan and gather abundant information before recording your podcast.

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